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WPPOP is the first technical team in China dedicated to providing customized custom development services for WordPress foreign trade websites for foreign trade enterprises. It is affiliated to Bagubang Network Technology Co., Ltd. We specialize in designing and developing independent professional-level foreign trade websites that are more in line with European and American foreign users' access operation experience and atmospheric general design style. We have 10 years of experience in foreign trade website construction services, and better understand the inquiries and operation procedures of foreign users. Domestic foreign trade enterprises set up a professional-level foreign trade marketing website.

WPPOP is a combination of WordPress abbreviation and POP. POP is a shorthand vocabulary frequently used in the foreign trade import and export industry. It is an abbreviation of English product certificate (product certificate, cargo certificate); it will also be used as proof of payment (payment certificate). Abbreviation, also an abbreviation of Purchase Order Proposal, depending on the specific communication environment.  In addition, in the advertising promotion industry, it is also the abbreviation of English Point Of Purchase, which means “selling point advertisement”. Its main commercial use is to stimulate the consumption of consumption and active store atmosphere. It is widely used as a low-cost and efficient advertising method. application.

Our website development technology and program search optimization technology has always maintained the front end of the industry. Our foreign trade website program templates are constantly optimized according to the search rules of Google and other search engines to ensure that the customer's website program is always in a better running state. Up to now, we have been serving foreign trade customers in all regions of China, including Southeast Asian countries and nearly 19,000+ quality customers from Australia, Europe and America. > Read more

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